Common Red Flags for Scam Betting Sites

Are you a victim of scam betting sites at ? Sorry, but it does not mean your gambling experience is over. It happens to most of us. Check our safe betting site signs below for beginners.

Mimic Betting Sites

Most fraudsters are working round the clock to ensure they get the better part of unsuspecting online players. One way most fraudsters are trying out is through mimicking well-known betting sites on the internet.

How can you tell a legit site from a scam one? The first technique is when the website domain does not match the brand name. Always reach out to the site before proceeding to play.


Weak Customer Support

One way of starting your gambling experience at a new betting site is through the customer support. Scam sites lack a customer support to help you navigate the website or learn more about it.

No Live Chat

It is hard for a fraudster to set up a live chat option as a customer support action to get feedback from customers. Does your preferred online betting site offer this option to you?

Unrealistic Bonus Offers

One way to get the attention of new players at the site is by offering unrealistic bonus offers. Remember these betting sites are businesses with an intent of making profit and not giving away free money.

Deposit Money Bonuses

Most casinos offer new players with deposit bonuses after making a deposit to kickstart there gaming experience at the casino. However, it is important to note that these bonuses come with tied wagering requirements.

Bad Online Reviews

It is important to note that there are previous players who have a bad experience with the scam site. Most players end up expressing their anger with writing bad reviews about the site online.

Research about what other previous players have to say about the casino. Always take note of the complaints from other players as a sense of what awaits in store for you when making a deposit.

Can't Identify Owners

One of the protocols that come with licensing of legit betting online sites is identifying the owners. A lack of transparency when it comes the ownership of the betting site comes as a red flag.

Operating on Forbidden Markets

In case the owners remain vague, it could be a sign that they are operating on a forbidden market. Another sign is that the owners have a bad reputation and don't want to scare off customers.